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This Year's Project: Top Motivational Youth Speaker Program

About Our Organization

We are the Southwest Public Schools Foundation.  Our board currently consists of four teacher representatives from within our school system as well as eight members of the community.  We seek to support excellence in education now and into the future and operate as a non-profit organization, exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.  All contributions to the foundation are deductible for federal income, estate, and gift purposes to the extent that tax laws allow.

Our goals are to

  -  Identify and secure funds for educational opportunities beyond the scope of the classroom setting

  -  Expand community and alumni involvement and foster their support of the Southwest Public Schools system

  -  Recognize patrons and community leaders who become members of the Foundation through giving

  -  Provide incentives and motivation for our students and their families to promote leadership, citizenship and community service beyond our standard academic goals

  -  Create all inclusive programs that will benefit all students beyond our traditional scholarship support regardless of their post-secondary educational plans 

Current Project: Top Motivational Youth Speaker Program

We are raising funds to bring in a top rated youth keynote speaker for our entire junior and senior high school student body for the 2023-2024 school year.  Our focus will be to present a powerful and influential program to create an environment where our students thrive.  Teaching our students through leadership programs with authentic conversations and hands-on exercises will help them realize the ripple effect of small acts leading to lasting impacts.  Potential speakers on our list are known to present proven methodology to help students and staff release fears and produce unprecedented results.  We'll help the develp their own unique leadership style, create self awareness, increase confidence, and celebrate their authentic self.

Please join us in our mission to create the next generation of leaders from Southwest Public Schools.

$10,756 Raised So Far!
11 Donors
Southwest Public Schools Foundation

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