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This Year's Project: Dog On It: We need agility equipment

About Our Organization

The McCook K9 Korner Dog Park is a reality. Thanks to your financial support, a dog park is now in place at Barnett Park on the south side of McCook. This provides a fenced area for both visitors to the area bringing their dog, as well as local residents who would like a fenced area for their dog to roam. The McCook Dog Park has a separate space for both small and large dogs to run and play.

Now comes the really fund additional funds become available, seating areas, water stations and activity spots will be added to the McCook Dog Park. 

Please show your support for the McCook Dog Park by making a donation during Southwest Nebraska Give McCook. 

Current Project: Dog On It: We need agility equipment

While we have fencing, trees and benches in place, we would like to add agility equipment at McCook's K9 Korner Dog Park. 

We would also like to install a drinking fountain for the dogs. There is already a water line in the vicinity of the dog park, so a dog-level water station would be fairly easy to add.

Thank you for your continued support of McCook's dog park!

Past Projects

  • Dogs Playing & People Sitting

    Project Details

    The McCook K9 Korner Dog Park is up and running at Barnett Park....the fences are in place...but we want to do even more! 

    And while beautiful trees have been donated and planted by Bruce Hoffman at Common Scents, we want to make the dog park even more welcoming and even more fun for people and their furry friends. 

    We would like to add additional benches for people to enjoy the area, both while their pets are playing or just to enjoy the scenery of Barnett Park. 

    For the pooches, we would like to add a watering station. Water pipes are already in the area, so we just need to purchase the stations with built-in bowls to hold the water. We would also like to add toys and objects to the area, giving the pups something else do while inside the fencing. 

    Your donations will make all that happen. Thank you in advance for your support.

  • Project Details

  • McCook Dog Park Fending

    Project Details

    We are so close to making a dog park a reality in McCook. Help us reach the goal line with a donation toward fencing at the McCook Dog Park. Fencing is needed to create an entrance section where the dogs are taking off their leashes. The dogs (and owners) then enter either the large dog or small dog area. 

  • Project Details

$1,575 Raised So Far!
12 Donors
McCook K9 Korner

71611 Road 381
MCCOOK, NE 69001

(303) 589-3459

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