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Curtis Area Senior Center

This Year's Project: Floor

About Our Organization

The Area Senior Center in Curtis Nebraska operates as a nutrition center and gathering place for older adults in the Curtis area.  We provide lunch daily, Monday through Friday.  We do not charge those who are over 60 years of age, although we do have a suggested donation of $6.00 for their meals.  ($6.50 if they wish to take a meal to-go, and $7.00 if they wish their meal delivered.  This is a suggested donation only.)  Each meals consists of a main dish (including a minimum of 3oz protein), a vegetable side dish, salad, fruit, cottage cheese, and dessert.  Their meal also includes soft-serve ice cream, from our ice cream machine, for those who wish it.  We have water, iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and a variety of hot teas and hot chocolate.  We also provide meals for those under 60 years of age, charging them $9.00/meal ($9.50 to-go, $10.00 delivery).  Every Tuesday morning we provide breakfast.  The first Tuesday of each month we host BINGO (free to those over 60) from 5:15pm - 6:45pm.  Our center is open from 8:15am-2:30pm daily, Monday-Friday.  Those who wish may come in at any time to visit, have coffe, play games, and utelize our wi-fi, free of charge.  As the only "meals on wheels" type of program in the Curtis/Maywood area, we happily serve our older population, insuring those who are homebound or otherwise unable to get out and about much may still have a delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal brought to them.  We also serve the younger population who have been injured, had surgery, or are otherwise incapacitated and need meals delivered.

Current Project: Floor

This year we would like to get our floor fixed.  It currently has a concrete paint/epoxy coating that has worn off in many areas.  It is an eyesore, and while the concrete beneath is still sound, it has several visible cracks that need repair.  We would like to have the floor leveled, if possible, and a new- nicer- expoxy type coating applied.  We have requested quotes from several companies; it will cost between $10,000.00 and $12,000.00 to have done.

In addition to fixing the floors, we would like to replace our chairs, which are all old, many are missing the bottom "feet" which prevent them from doing further damage to the floors, and have fabric cushions which have begun to fray and tear.  New chairs, which will hold up to 15-20 years of hard use, cost, on average, $50.00 each.  We need 60, but would like to have 100 for the times the community wishes us to host larger functions such as fundraisers for medical expenses, house fires, etc.  ($5,000.00)

We are also looking at replacing our tables, which are all more than twenty years old, but wish to get the chairs and floor done before looking at the tables.  

We wish to thank you all for donating to help our small center better serve our community, and our seniors.

Past Projects

  • New Stove, new floor

    Project Details

    Our double oven is on its last legs.  The bottom of the unit is unusable, the glass in the door having cracked and broken due to age and constant usage.  The top unit is still usable, however the thermostat is "on the fritz" and requires us to change temperatures constantly in order to keep the oven at the correct temperature setting.  We are looking to purchase a new commercial grade double oven to replace it.  We are still researching the best oven for our center, however the price range of quality commercial-grade double ovens runs from $5,000 to $12,000.  

    Our dining room floor is painted concrete.  The paint has begun peeling, the floor desperately needing a "make-over".  We would like to strip all the remaining paint, repair cracks in the cement, and relevel the dining room floor before deciding on the exact new covering for our floor.  This process will cost approximately $1,500.  We would like to then purchase durable tile and tile the floor, which will cost an additional $4,000-$6,000.

$1,800 Raised So Far!
10 Donors
Curtis Area Senior Center

214 Center Ave
Curtis, NE 69025

(308) 367-4173

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