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This Year's Project: Support the Mission of Community Hospital

About Our Organization

Community Hospital Health Foundation helps to secure the future of Community Hospital by raising funds and promoting public awareness and support. Community Hospital Health Foundation was chartered as a nonprofit organization in 1985, to engage the philanthropic community in supporting Community Hospital.

Community Hospital Health Foundation continues to raise funds to do capital improvements, purchase equipment, help with patient assistance and provide education and training to patients and staff. We continue to help raise dollars to fill financial gaps in low volume or weak revenue services that our communities need.

Your gift ensures that Community Hospital can continue to provide quality healthcare, right here, close to home.

Jessica Bortner, Executive Director

Dannette Kloepping, Administrative Assistant & Fund Manager


Current Project: Support the Mission of Community Hospital

Everyone who walks through our doors is treated like family and friends because that’s who you are. You may be our neighbor, our banker, our insurance person, our go-to person at the hardware store, or the parents of the kid our kids hang out with. You are our family and friends. When this caring mentality is blended with skilled healthcare training and state-of-the-art equipment it results in remarkable healthcare service.

Thanks to friends like you, Community Hospital has been able to develop a modern facility and a progressive healthcare team but your continued support is needed now. The Health Foundation is a resource for our caregivers. We need your support to say “Yes” when our caregivers call.


You Can Help – Your Dollars Matter

Your generous contributions make a difference in providing LOCAL healthcare.  Your financial support is needed for:

 ¨ State-of-the-art equipment in the emergency room, surgery, obstetrics, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, rehabilitation services, etc;

 ¨ Facility building improvements;

 ¨ Home health, hospice, and palliative care services provided at home; 

 ¨ Cancer care services including consultations, radiation oncology, chemotherapy, and more;

 ¨ Community education, support classes, and wellness activities to improve the overall health of our communities.


Your financial contribution ensures that Community Hospital is ready and able to provide needed services while also meeting immediate community needs. Your support empowers us to say “Yes! We can help!” when our caring team members call for assistance. Together we will cultivate healthy communities through progressive and proactive care. Together we will help lead our region to a healthier future.

 Please get in touch with our office with any questions about contributions, mandatory distributions, commodities, foundation events, or how funds support the mission of Community Hospital. 

Past Projects

  • Support the Mission of Community Hospital

    Project Details

    Weather, market prices, inflation, workforce shortages, politics, it consumes your mind and saps your energy...but, it all moves to the background, becomes white noise when you or a loved one meets adversity. Whether it is a debilitating accident, experiencing a heart attack, a diagnoses of cancer or other disease, or on a happier side…expecting a baby, it happens in an instant. Your world is flipped. Everything you thought was important, suddenly isn’t. Your priorities turn to your loved ones and where to find excellent healthcare.

    Community Hospital stands ready to care for you and your family.

         · Your LOCAL hospital has an Emergency Department ready to provide care should the unexpected happen.
         · Your LOCAL hospital supports your family care providers and over 40 visiting Medical Specialists.
         · Your LOCAL hospital has a talented healthcare team who are excellent at what they do and take pride in caring for their community.
         · Your LOCAL hospital has the technology to screen, diagnosis and treat diseases and injuries.
         · Your LOCAL hospital leads and invests in LOCAL initiatives to improve community health, family well-being and economic vitality.   

    NOW your LOCAL hospital needs Your help.

    The worldly issues mentioned above can’t be ignored. They are affecting your community’s health and the hospital’s ability to provide care. Financial support is needed to help fill healthcare gaps not covered by insurance.

         · If you want to maintain a modern, prepared LOCAL hospital…give today.
    · If you want LOCAL home health, hospice and palliative care services…give today.
    · If you want LOCAL cancer care services…give today.
    · If you want your loved ones to have access to quality healthcare for all stages of life…give today.
    · If you want to share your gratitude for our great team who truly are Healthcare Heroes…give today.

    Your support is needed now. Your financial contribution through Big Give McCook ensures Community Hospital is ready and able to provide needed services. With your support, Community Hospital will continue to cultivate healthy communities through progressive and proactive care. With your support, you can help lead our region to a healthier future.

  • Leading Our Region To A Healthier Future

    Project Details

    The pandemic has shown us just how quickly healthcare can change. The importance and awareness of having a quality, local hospital has been heightened. Community Hospital’s mission is to lead our region to a healthier future, but we need your continued help.

    Your Community Hospital is a modern facility with state of the art equipment and programs including telemedicine and cancer care services. Your Community Hospital is able to provide home health and hospice services to seven counties in southwest Nebraska. Your Community Hospital welcomes over 40 visiting specialists to McCook on a monthly basis. Your Community Hospital continues to recruit high quality medical providers. This is possible because you support Community Hospital. Your support is needed now through donations to Community Hospital Health Foundation.

    A financial contribution is your opportunity to share what is important to you and to protect quality, local healthcare through your investment. With your support, Community Hospital will continue to be here ready to take care of you and cultivate healthy communities through progressive and proactive care. Help us lead our region to a healthier future.

  • Community HealthCare & Hospice

    Project Details

    Funds raised during Big Give McCook will be dedicated to Community HealthCare & Hospice. Your donor gifts have the opportunity to be matched through Big Give McCook and the Health Foundation to further support our caregivers providing in-home care.

    Seventeen nurses, three nurse aids and support staff organize and provide home health and hospice in-home care. On weekdays, caregivers leave in different directions to provide care in seven counties in southwest Nebraska. Visits are made in the evenings, weekends and holidays as needed. Patients are assessed, baths are given, medications are administered and organized, dressings are changed, education and support are provided. Care is also provided by physical, occupational and speech therapists, dieticians, and social workers.

    The need for home health and hospice care is increasing in our communities. The population is aging and additional health assistance is needed to manage serious, complex illnesses. Risk of contracting COVID-19 and influenza are additional concerns to our community members who are already compromised.  Many nursing homes are under tremendous financial distress and several have closed, this is adding additional anxiety to community members and healthcare services.

    The community demand and benefit of this service is high, sadly, so is the cost of providing the service in such a rural area. Please support our caregivers and help this service be available for your friends and family needing in-home care. Donations can be made to Community Hospital Health Foundation for Community HealthCare & Hospice.

  • Heart to Heart Campaign

    Project Details

    The Myatt & Genevieve Volentine Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center, built in 2007, doubled the previous therapy space. The extra space allowed Community Hospital to bring in more cardiologists, pulmonologists, perform more diagnostic tests and expand cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services. These services have exceeded expectations and have once again outgrown the space. Community Hospital Health Foundation’s Heart to Heart Campaign is raising funds to support a new 3,420 square foot cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center. The nearly doubled space will include a spacious gym with natural light from large east-facing windows. A central nurses station, diagnostic testing room, waiting area, restroom and support offices will be included. New to the center will be a walking track and patient education room. Patients with heart and/or lung disease have found cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to be a place they can exercise with support and continue to improve their health. Knowing there are trained medical professionals close creates a sense of security. With dedicated staff our program encourages physical rehabilitation and fosters lifestyle changes through active monitoring, education, and emotional support. Patient participation in Phase 3 or the maintenance program has increased more than 368 percent over the past 10 years. For a minimal monthly fee, Phase 3 patients workout 2-3 times a week at the center. The cost is kept low to encourage participation. The cost of the new cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center is $1.8 million. It is part of the $21.2 million building project that will also expand the Medical Specialists Center, McCook Clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, kitchen, and mobile testing services.

$20,552 Raised So Far!
57 Donors
Legal Name: Community Hospital Health Foundation

P.O. Box 1328
McCook, NE 69001

(308) 344-7222

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