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This Year's Project: Computer Updates

About Our Organization

A 501(c)3 organization training volunteers thru Heartbeat Academy's Love Approach.  Services are free and confidential.   Support comes from area churches, businesses and individuals like YOU!  ABC's mission is to help women and girls who are in a planned or unplanned pregnancy. We Care. We Listen. We Help.  We network with CASA, Domestic Abuse and other Child Advocacy Team members and assist with Adoption information and referrals.

We provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to enable babies to be carried to full term and make plans for their future.  Support for male counterparts is available as well as post abortion counseling.  As a pro-life group, we celebrate LIFE FOR ALL. 

Continue to provide Community Hospital and Tri Valley newborn layettes for those in need which include an invitation to visit our Center. A baby boutique includes clothing thru size 2T for boys and girls as well as necessities like diapers, wipes, toiletries, baby food, formula, blankets and baby furniture items.  We encourage donations of clean, gently used clothing as well as items listed above for our baby boutique throught out the year.

The need is GREAT as we continue to support clients scattered throughout Southwest Nebraska along with the counties of Northwest Kansas.  

We invite you to follow us on Facebook.

Current Project: Computer Updates

This year our focus is on updating our office computer and having a laptop available for presentations and clients to use to enroll in various help options.  The need to update to Windows 11 is a must issue.

Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping us with this project to better serve the needs of our clients.

We encourage you to donate to ABC Pregnancy Center thru the 2023 Southwest Nebraska Big Give on November 2nd.

Drop your check to any SW NE Big Give station throughout the day  OR  make a payment directly to us thru Paypal.

Donations are always welcome throughout the year to P.O. Box 42, McCook NE  69001.

Again, ABC, our Clients and especially the BABIES - - "Thank You" .



Past Projects

  • Counseling Room Update Needs

    Project Wrap Up

    Seating and a kid's corner have been updated.  Thank you for your generous support.

    Project Details

    We are looking to update our present counseling room.

    The need for another seating couch or loveseat to go with present furniture.

    Create a children's corner area with table & chair set up to entertain client's children during sessions.

    The MAIN update for the counseling room is the purchase of a new Big Screen SMART tv.

    This will enable us to use online apps for our clients which will bring us up-to-date with today's new technology.

    This will include networking with other agencies, provide training tv channel capailities, counseling services, adoption agencies, etc.

    We THANK YOU in advance for helping us meet our need to better serve the Southwest Nebraska area.

    PLEASE donate to the 2022 BIG GIVE thru any of these options:

    Donate directly by check to ABC Pregnancy Help Center during Big Give day, mail your donation to PO Box 42  McCook, or donate via our Paypal account.

  • Build a Better Boutique

    Project Wrap Up

    With the donations from last year we now have a room dedicated to just our baby furniture items.  Thank You for your generous giving.

    Project Details

     As you can see from our video pictures we do not currently have adequate space to safely store baby furniture items.  

    We are looking to rent an additional room to keep all of our baby furniture items easily accessible for our volunteers to show and our clients to be able to choose from.  Donation dollars were down from last year due to Covid.  As we followed the State regulations our office was mainly closed and open by appointment only.  Those who did venture out to our Center definitely proved the need was still great.  There is a room available for our use but that increases our out of pocket costs.  With YOUR support we can provide this much needed space.  

    Also your donations will help provide the NEW baby layettes we supply to the Community Hospital and Tri Valley Hospital in Cambridge.

    We would like to "thank you" in advance for your consideration to help provide the needs of our community.

  • New Location & Grand Re-opening Build A Website

    Project Wrap Up

    We are moved and officially open.  Your help provided the funds necessary to update our office supplies like business cards, appointment cards, address labels for brochures.  Thank you for caring and supporting for LIFE.

    Project Details

    An unexpected had to move this year brought many out-of-pocket expenses.  Including moving, deposit and increased monthly rent, carpet cleaning and painting the new location.  Needless to say the search for a new location took several months but we are thankful for God's provision as we are now located at 322 Norris Avenue Suite 2-12 on the 2nd floor in the Masonic Temple Building. Main Street location yet still confidential access.

    Our baby boutique supplies need replenished as although our office was officially closed, as requested by the state due to covid, our 24 hour hotline still served those in need who requested assistance.  Along that line, we need to update some of our educational resources to take care of our clients on a more efficient individual basis.  We currently have a local Facebook page to encourage and serve clients as well as the general public.  We are considering building our own website to help service folks which would include embedding our educational video resource series to help them know what to expect during pregnancy and how to care for the baby for those first time Moms. 

    Lastly we need to purchase new banners, business cards, appointment cards, address labels for brochure handouts etc to update our new address.  We continue to log yearly totals of numbers served, their educational needs as well as baby supplies used to help them maintain a healthy happy baby.  All this costs dollars and we currently operate on donations from individuals, churches and businesses.  Of course numbers of those helped and supplies used increase annually.  We wish to "Thank You" in advance for considering helping us to meet the needs of new Moms and low income families through out the Southwest Nebraska area and of course McCook.

    If you wish to donate from home feel free to donate to us thru Paypal using our email address which is:    or personal checks can be sent to PO Box 42 McCook.

    Better yet feel free to drop by and get a look at our new facility at 322 Norris, Masonic Temple Building Suite 2-12, Second floor, elevator available the day of Big Give, November 5, 2020 from 1-4 PM.


  • Update our DVD & Curriculum Library for our Clients

    Project Wrap Up

    DVD Library continues to grow thru 2023.

    Project Details

    To provide a more complete service to our clients, we would like to start a DVD library of ongoing curriculum for these young moms.  These training videos and their matching completion sheets will help first time moms and young moms to maintain their families from pre-natal care thru the teen years.  The several series we are reviewing break these down into sections, pre-natal, birth and immediate infant care, growth development care.  Our clients are in much need of these educational training videos and with your support you can take an unspoken part in building up our young families thru our office which is dedicated to helping these young families however we can at no cost to them.  Please help us make McCook an even better growing community by supplying the proper educational training that is needed.  Thank you in advance for your donations.

$3,240 Raised So Far!
24 Donors
ABC Pregnancy Help Center

322 Norris Avenue Suite 2-12 P.O. Box 42
McCook, NE

(308) 350-0126

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